Phuket Laundry Company Limited

Phuket Laundry entered into the business arena in 1979 to provide professional commercial laundry services to hotel establishments. Guided by an ambitious vision of moving “Toward World-Class Excellence” since its inception, our current geographical presence extends across Phuket, Krabi and Phang Nga with the support of our fleet of 19 well-maintained service trucks. We are strategically positioned in the marketplace as a fully integrated commercial laundry service provider readily equipped with a full range of state-of-the-art machinery, equipment and technology. These corporate capabilities lay the foundation for our top-quality and punctual laundry services.

Phuket Laundry is proudly capable of processing incoming laundry at 50 tons per day. With our careful choice, Ecolab laundry products are used in our production activities on the grounds of their technical expertise in textile cleaning chemicals. Another contributing factor for our choice of Ecolab laundry products is their proven track record of excellence, well-established reputation, and unwavering trust among global hotel industry and leading laundry service providers. Phuket Laundry operates its own water reserve facility and large in-house heavy-duty electric generator to provide uninterrupted, reliable laundry services to our customers.

We are also fully equipped with a number of high-caliber professional staff members and experts who carry with them excellent functional skills and a thorough understanding of their work commitments. With these outstanding corporate strengths, we are able to respond effectively to every need of our customers while also successfully gaining credibility and a strong foothold in the tourism and hotel industries.

Our Services

Customer Relation is the communication channel
between Phuket Laundry and Our Customer

Phuket Laundry would like to deeply thank every hotel who has kindly been trusting in our laundry service for over 30 years. Phuket Laundry has continuously developed our laundry service according to our customers’ comments and feedbacks to provide the laundry service to the customers’ expectation and to create the lasting business relationship. Phuket Laundry has created this “Customer Relation” as another channel to communicate with the customers in various occasions and events.

The concept of creating “Customer Relation” is raised from the need to promote our decent relationships with the hotels. Apart from the communication channel function, we would like this “Customer Relation” to be our pleasure and proud expression that we have provided our hotels for a long period of time that we have become trusted and widely accepted in tourism industry, by hotels in Phuket and other neighboring provinces.

Interesting Facts About Phuket Laundry

Fully Automatic Laundry Machine or Tunnel Washer

This system provides comprehensive washing and drying services starting from the loading of linens into the machine using a belt. Linens will go through washing, pressing, and drying processes

and then are automatically removed from the machine. This system is very efficient and users can specify minor details. Therefore, Phuket Laundry can provide an extensive range of laundry services. The system has a capacity of 720 kg/cycle.

ECOLAB Laundry Products

Phuket Laundry uses laundry products from ECOLAB, the international company that is the expert on detergents and synthetic substances used in cleaning every type of textile. The products are developed and researched continuously by studying the details of the many viruses and bacteria that can cause disease in humans.

Their studies about the impact of energy and resources and various technology usages assure the high safety and efficiency of ECOLAB products. Thus, the customer can trust that Phuket Laundry uses qualified products in every step of our service for our customers.

500-KVA Electric Generator

In professional commercial laundry services, punctual delivery is of great importance. Our hotel customers need an uninterrupted and reliable flow of laundered linens to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. Either insufficient linens in stock or delayed delivery by laundry service provider can affect service quality.

For this reason, Phuket Laundry operates their own large in-house heavy-duty electric generator to ensure an uninterrupted delivery of top-quality laundry services to our customers. With this capability, our customers may rest assured that their laundered linens will always be returned on time.

Internal Water Reserve Facility

Clean water plays an important role in the quality of professional commercial laundry services. Phuket Laundry owns in-house 10-meter-high water tanks fully equipped with a 5-stage filtration system. With this capability, a regular supply of standard-quality water is readily available for our uninterrupted laundry operations.

Collection and Delivery Services for Our Valued Customers in Phuket, Krabi and Phang Nga

Phuket Laundry operates a fleet of 19 well-maintained service trucks to serve our hotel customers across Phuket, Krabi and Phang Nga. Being equipped with a sufficient number of service trucks means that we can respond quickly to our customer needs without delay for both routine and ad hoc collection/delivery missions.

Key Clients